Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Act

Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Compliance


As we enter the new year, now is the time to start to prepare for your 2019 Right to Know compliance requirements.  As a public sector (non-OSHA covered) employer in Pennsylvania, you have an obligation to meet the requirements of the Act.  These requirements include posting notices, completing inventories and survey forms, and conducting training. Many of these requirements are due to be current by April 1st each year. Cocciardi is available to assist in meeting these obligations.


At Pennoni, Inc., we can assist with:


Conducting Inventories:  In order to determine what chemicals and/or materials need to be included in your Hazardous Substance Survey Form (HSSF), Cocciardi representatives can conduct workplace surveys and capture and categorize each substance. This survey will be used as the basis for the HSSF completion – due April 1st each year.


Collect and Maintain Safety Data Sheets: Each site is required to maintain a listing of all chemicals and substances and have a current Safety Data Sheet (formerly called Material Safety Data Sheets). Cocciardi will assist your organization by identifying the appropriate SDS and ensuring it is the most currently available. These are provided back to the client in a binder, or electronically, for ease of reference by work area.


Conducting Training: Each employee who is exposed or potentially exposed to these substances must receive annual training, or within 120 days of hire for new employees. The training must consist of specific information about the chemical or category of the substance including location and properties, as well as protective information such as effects of exposure, conditions for safe use, and emergency procedures for spills, leaks, and fires.


 Assess your compliance with this compliance checklist.  This checklist is designed to help public sector employers evaluate their Right to Know programs. It is not intended to be a legal interpretation of the regulations of the Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act or to place any additional requirements on employers or employees.


Contact us today to ensure your program is current for the April 1st deadline.



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