The Oil, Gas and Chemical process industry has safety concerns as diverse as the processes they operate and a duty to operate those processes in the safest manner possible. Our firm is committed to providing efficient solutions to your complex hazards, that reduce risks to employee and public health as well as the environment but also maximize the operability of your processes. Know that your company is implementing the safest possible procedures in the most protected environments with our comprehensive oversight and program development services.

Occupational Safety


  • Industrial hygiene surveys
  • Noise surveys
  • Safety programs
  • Safety training
  • Safety inspections
  • Training on emergency evacuations

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency response and emergency action planning and plan development
  • Fire safety assessment and evaluation
  • Drill and exercise design and conduct

Environmental Health

  • DOT training
  • Spill prevention control & countermeasure SPCC plans
  • Phase I/II site characterizations

Safety Engineering

  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM/RMP)
  • EPA Risk Management Program
  • Facility siting analysis
  • Standard operating procedures
  • CFR 27 CFATS top-screen submittal
  • Compliance audits
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Layer of protection analysis
  • Electrical safety training


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