Pennoni, Inc. is committed to providing safety solutions for healthcare facilities.  A sometimes neglected, yet essential, aspect of any healthcare premises is to ensure compliance with the strictest of standards for the health and safety of employees and patients.

Occupational Safety

  • Job safety assessments
  • Safety program management, training, inspections
  • Noise surveys
  • Facilities safety
  • Radiation safety
  • OSHA compliance
  • PPE and air quality surveys

Emergency and Risk Management

  • Regulatory compliant (JC, CMS) exercises (tabletop, functional, full scale)
  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Vulnerability Assessments (RAA) (HVA)
  • Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and crisis communication plan development
  • Emergency response and preparedness training, including Hospital Based First Receivers (HBFR) and Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)
  • Fire safety evaluation (fire safe areas) and drill/evacuation assessment

Environmental Health

  • Air permitting
  • Environmental site assessments for grants
  • Indoor air quality
  • Asbestos project management
  • Asbestos, lead paint, PCB surveys
  • Project oversight

Safety Engineering

  • OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM/RMP)
  • EPA Risk Management Program
  • Air emission inventory
  • Biennial waste reporting
  • Tier II reporting
  • Electrical safety training

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