Environmental Health

Air, water, and waste materials present serious concerns when chemical, biological or radiological hazards exist.  Our team is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment through recognizing and controlling health and safety hazards.  Through recognition and evaluation, we provide exposure assessments, program development and implementation, and training and education to ensure our clients minimize potential liabilities and meet compliance regulations.

Site Assessments

  • Reports: Building Health and/or prioritized environmental Phase I and II audits
  • Lead-Based Paint and Lead Hazards
  • Asbestos Containing Materials Concerns
  • Chemical Exposure Sampling and Analysis
  • Toxic Materials and Waste Sampling and Exposure Assessments
  • Radiological Exposure Monitoring, Response, and Programs
  • Biological and Disease Exposure Epidemiology
  • Supervision of Remedial Services (Phase III environmental services)
  • Documentation of Post-Remediation Project Completion

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

The quality of the air your team breathes is impacted by a range of factors. Our team can test for potential hazards that may be hampering the air you’re breathing and provide the solution to these problems.

Right-to-Know Act

The Right-to-Know Act is designed to protect the safety of workforces and communities by ensuring hazardous chemicals and mixtures are properly identified in the workplace and that health and safety information is readily available in the event of an exposure incident.


Environmental Compliance Audits

Our team performs thorough compliance reviews for all environmental programs and areas.

  • Hazardous/medical waste management
  • Plan development
  • Contractor selection
  • Training
  • Spill prevention plans and storage tank compliance
  • Building inspections (asbestos, lead, PCB and other hazardous materials)
  • Hazardous materials response (e.g. mercury or chemical spills)
  • Radiation safety/x-ray device permitting compliance



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