Emergency and Risk Management

Our emergency and risk management preparedness experts prepare both responders and the public for the consequences of a catastrophic event or disaster. We develop programs to address the preparedness & planning, response, recovery and mitigation phases of emergent events.  Our experts facilitate exercise events, ranging from discussion based to full field exercises, to ensure teams remain knowledgeable and plans viable. Whether small in nature (chemical spills), or large in scale (hurricanes/natural disasters or terroristic incidents), our effective training and response capabilities ensure our clients a disaster response plan that will protect their organization and community.

Emergency Action Plans

Site-specific plans are developed, while exercising and practice events ensure participants remain knowledgeable and plans viable through a variety of exercises, ranging from discussion based through full field exercises.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Crisis Communication Plan

Unavoidable tragedies remind us the importance of being prepared to respond to and recover from major disasters.  Our emergency planners customize these plans and procedures to effectively and responsibly address how your facility will respond to and recover from any and all hazards.

Risk Assessment and Hazard Vulnerability Assessments (HVA)

Risk Management plans identify hazards to the public from processes on your worksite and allow public responders the knowledge of site hazards which may affect communities.



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