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  • Facility or School Designated Persons
  • Facility/Maintenance Directors, Supervisors
  • Superintendents, Principals

Background: School districts are required to assign a “Designated Person” to manage asbestos within their school buildings. The Designated Person is responsible for overseeing the District’s AHERA Management Plan, implementing response actions, notifications, training staff and ensuring routine surveillance and triennial re-inspections are completed. The EPA requires that this Designated Person receives adequate training to perform the required duties.

Training Opportunity: On February 16, 2023, Pennoni will offer a Designated Person training course to meet these training guidelines. Topics for the 3-hour session will include a background on asbestos; health effects; asbestos regulations applicable to schools; identification, assessment and control of asbestos; and roles/responsibilities for the Designated Person. Individuals completing this course will meet the general training requirements listed by the EPA in 40 CFR 763.84(g)(2) to act as a Designated Person for a school facility.


IMPORTANT! Registration for this event closes 1 ½ days (business days – not including weekends) prior to the start date and time (EST).  



1337 Veterans Memorial Drive, Jessup, Pennsylvania, 18434, United States

Cost $175