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Time: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


This course meets the three (3) year training requirements promulgated by the PA DEP Storage Tank Division for recertification of UMR/AMR-certified individuals.  The course is targeted for current UMR/AMR certified tank removers to meet the technical PA DEP-required recertification training.


The UMR Technical Recertification Training Course includes the following: (1) Safety Review, (2) Changes to the Storage Tank Regulations (DEP and EPA), (3) Pre-Closure Planning, (4) Closure notification, (5) Health and Safety Plan Development, (6) Inert and Purge Procedures, (7) Meter/Monitoring Requirements (CGI and PID), (8) Confined Spaces General Requirements, (9) Hot Work General Requirements, (10) Tank Lifting Guidelines, (11) Recycling and Waste Handling Guidelines, (12) Excavation Safety Guidelines, (13) Soil/Water Sampling Process, (14) Site Assessment, (15) Closure Reports, (16) Federal UST Program Updates, and (17) Federal AST Program Updates.


Note: Respirator fit testing may be provided during these sessions. If you would like to be fit tested in this class, please indicate this during registration.


There may be charges for cancellations, switching classes, etc. Please see our FAQs for more information on these considerations. Once you register a student, you are accepting these conditions.


5072 Ritter Road, Suite 102, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 17055, United States

Cost $215
November 1, 2024