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This 3-Hour AHERA Designated Person course trains individuals on EPA asbestos guidelines. As per federal regulations, this course is designed for building managers in school districts and other facilities where an AHERA Designated Person is required.

Attendees of this course will learn important information about asbestos management planning, asbestos emergencies, inspections, and recordkeeping. This course also provides two hours of asbestos awareness training.


Topics to be Covered:

-Introduction to Asbestos -Asbestos Health Hazard Awareness
-Identifying and Testing for Asbestos -AHERA Designated Person Role and Responsibilities
-Federal and State Compliance -Asbestos-Related Emergency Action Plan
-Interpreting an Asbestos Inspection and    Management Plan

Who Should Take This Course?
• School District Managers
• Facility Managers
• Anyone who will take on the responsibilities of an AHERA Designated Person


Cost $150