Medical and Public Health Considerations of COVID-19

Masks and COVID-19: N95, PAPRs, Surgical Masks, and Scarves; Updates from the Front Lines


To watch this informative video, featuring Joseph A. Cocciardi as one of the presenters, please follow the link (  This video is part of a collaborative web series on COVID-19 produced by the American College of Medical Toxicology.  This video was presented and recorded on April 8, 2020.  For more information please visit

How we can help you manage COVID 19

Pennoni, Inc. is closely monitoring the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) including updates from the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO) and state, county, and municipal health departments.  The health and safety of our employees and business customers remain our top priority and we are available 24/7 to assist in the following ways:


  • Employee safety training, including CDC, developed COVID-19 response training, recommendations concerning personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protection, and recommendations concerning the cleaning procedures and chemicals approved for your sites;


  • Emergency plan development (COVID-19 response plans and business continuity plans);


  • Occupational safety surveys and health plan development for cleaning and disinfecting at-risk locations;


  • Project planning and hazard assessment, as well as site inspections, air/exposure monitoring and site environmental health personnel to review your activities; and


  • Respirator fit testing and personal protective equipment evaluations.


Contact a Safety, Environmental Health Professional