About Us

Employer Responsibility


Every employer holds the responsibility to maintain a safe and hazard-free environment for their employees.  Health and safety programs are an important part of preventing serious physical harm or life-threatening hazards in the workplace.   Unfortunately, much of this responsibility goes overlooked, providing unnecessary opportunities for misfortune that ultimately impacts employees and facilities.  Safety is only valuable when done proactively, so when a preventable catastrophe occurs through negligence and injuries occur or lives are lost, it can be financially devastating to your business. Extend your safety team with Cocciardi.


Your Safety Liaison


Pennoni, Inc. serves as a safety liaison, helping businesses in every aspect of safety implementation, education, and management.  We analyze business safety processes, provide recommendations, and develop safety programs specific to the business needs.  We also offer retainage contracts and staffing support.  Our firm has extensive knowledge of federal, local and state regulations, decades of experience and expertise, and the resources available to provide businesses of all sizes in various industries with the assistance needed to maintain safe, cost-effective and life-saving practices.  Consequently, we help businesses focus more attentively on growth and profit, having peace of mind knowing they have best safety practices implemented.